The best 10 places in Brighton (or my favourites anyway)

Brighton's Komedia

Have I mentioned how much I love Brighton? Probably just a hundred times! How could I have known what kind of treat I was in for when I moved to England? Not only is it young, judgement free and simply amazing in every way, it’s the perfect summer city! Too crowded for my taste, but so lively and active!

Brighton is not a massive city, for which I am very thankful as you get to know it a lot better than if it had been a big city. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of it that I haven’t yet discovered but the town centre is entirely accessible as most of the things are within walking distance.

There are so.many.things to do here! Anyway, these are my favourite shops/coffee places in Brighton!


1. Sugarhill Boutique

Sugarhill Boutique


Sugarhill Boutique is my absolute favourite shop in Brighton! Its feminine, 50s style with a modern twist addresses most women regardless of age. Seriously! Being so fresh and sober at the same time attracts a wide range of audience. It’s that kind of shop where you go in, look at the clothes and say “I would buy this, this, this, oh, and this as well!”. The shop itself is very nicely decorated with friendly staff and a very good clothing selection that can be either a playful pattern as well as a business smart shirt. The only thing that this company is missing is, probably, a men section.

Sugarhill Boutique Brighton

Sugarhill Boutique



2. Pelicano

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Ok, we need to talk about PelicanoThis coffee place does the best cake I have ever tasted (after my boyfriend’s mum’s). The coffee is great as well, and I’m tough when it comes to coffee! Small and cosy, found on Sydney Street, in the heart of the North Laines, Pelicano is just a great place to stop for a coffee, or tea and enjoy yourself in a home-like environment. Oh, not to mention the music they play!

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3. Pretty Eccentric

Pretty Eccentric Brighton

The ultimate vintage store, Pretty Eccentric is the kind of shop that leaves you in awe. Its 20s styled dresses are absolutely incomparable, not to mention the stunning jewellery selection! Let’s just say that if Gatsby invited you to a party, this would be the place to shop at! Brighton has not one, but two heaven-like Pretty Eccentric shops: one in The Lanes and the other in the North Laines. Both have an amazing selection and manage to leave you feeling awful for not being able to buy everything!

Pretty Eccentric

Pretty Eccentric



4. Catwalk Cakes

Catwalk Cakes

Second best cake in Brighton (nevertheless delicious), but I have an intimate connection with Catwalk Cakes as it was the very first place I went to on my first visit to Brighton! It was August and hot and I was utterly delighted to have discovered this Bond Street gem! Lovely on the outside and inside, I like to believe that this is what Cath Kidson would look like if it were a cake shop. The poeple that work there are incredibly talented as everyone can see from their window, which displays beautifully decorated cakes and cupcakes!

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5. Bread & Milk

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One of the best places to work in, so far, Bread & Milk is one of my newest discoveries and the best one in a long time! You absolutely have to try their brownies! Most of the food looks delicious, to be fair! I mentioned that is a good place to work in, this is because the wifi is fast and the position of the coffee place allows it to be quiet enough without being awkward. Comfortable and warm, Bread & Milk is the place to go to on a sunny day, although it’s great with any type of weather!



6. Tiger


We all know Tiger. We all love Tiger. I mean, how can you not? This store is my very personal antidepressant. I simply cannot be sad when I’m in there! They constantly have new products that are easily as fun and useful as the ones before and never disappointing. The first Tiger I’ve ever been to is the one in Bologna, Italy, and, needless to say, I was immediately hooked! From their home selection to the children’s, every bit of Tiger is exciting!



7. Pompoko


One of Brighton’s best and most convenient Japanese food restaurant, Pompoko is always the place to check if you’re looking for quick, great rice bowl or noodles. This little gem is always busy so you might want to find a nice place outside to have it – I recommend the Pavilion Gardens-. As I mentioned, Pompoko is always busy as so many people enjoy it. The problem is, once you try it, you can’t go back!



8. Ben’s Cookies

Ben's Cookies

I think I didn’t know how much I loved cookies until I discovered Ben’s Cookies! To say they’re delicious would be an euphemism. I turn into a little kid whenever I walk past it, buying more cookies than I can actually eat, and I will still try to eat them all! So unless you want to fill your tummy with amazing double chocolate cookies, run away as soon as you see their shop!



9. Bert’s


I absolutely adore my home stuff, so, inevitably, I enjoy Bert’s Homestore! It would be a regular home store, except its products are funny decorated and sweet. I have a weakness for home stores so this one could never have escaped me! Bert’s is the type of store that will add some personality to your kitchen, bathroom and wherever you’ll let them! Nice looking and good quality home products? I’m in!




10. Odeon

Brighton Odeon

I wrote about the Odeon Cinema before but it gradually became one of my regular places to go to. A lot to do with it has, of course, the Limitless Card. Going there about two times a week, I’ve grown to know it like my own house. The Odeon has seven screening rooms so there’s always something interesting to watch and they often have discounts or vouchers which makes it easier for audience to attend. Not to mention the Costa Coffee inside, where you can relax in case you’re early for a film (I’m usually always late).



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