Marina And The Diamonds at London Roundhouse

Marina And The Diamonds in London

I spent my Saturday night crying and singing along to all of Marina And The Diamonds’ songs on her Neon Nature Tour in London Roundhouse.  The show is divided into three acts representing Marina’s three albums: The Family Jewels, Electra Heart and FROOT. The singer stopped in London for two consecutive nights, ending with the FROOT Sundae Finale Party. I was one of the lucky ones who got to attend the first night and, needless to say, I had the time of my life! I had wanted to see her for years and my dream came true at last! But before that, indie-electronic singer Shura opened the show for Marina! The first time I actually enjoyed an opening band instead of wishing they would go away so the main act could start.


The Family Jewels

Around 21pm, “CUCKOO!”, Marina And The Diamonds took the stage with the opening act The Family Jewels. Mowgli’s Road was first, followed by some of people’s favourites I Am Not A Robot, Oh No!, Obsessions and Hollywood. Marina performed a lovely acoustic version of Obessions. The crowd went mental right after, dancing to Hollywood! Sadly, my favourite album had to come to an end, and make space for a homewrecker.



Electra Heart

During her change of costumes, two big screens displayed the transition from The Family Jewels to Electra Heart (with just a bit of Brtney Spears in the middle)The symbolic look of Electra Heart appeared on the screens as Marina showed herself in a pink costume just in time for Bubblegum Bitch! Diamandis then called out the teens in the audience and dedicated the next song, Teen Idle, to them! Being one of her most iconic songs, we all lost it! She then proceeded with How To Be A Heartbreaker and Primadonna, an all time favourite! I was lucky enough to heart that the last dong of Electra Heart was Lies, one of my absolute favourite!



More amazing artwork opened up for the third and last act, FROOT. “I’ve seen seasons come and go, from winter sun to summer snow” we heard Marina sing from the upper stage in her glittery blue suit. All kinds of pixel fruits were flying on the black background screen as went from Froot to Savages, an absolute gem. Needless to say that FROOT was the party of the show as witnessed my 3000 people jumping and dancing to Can’t Pin Me Down, Forget and Blue. For the encore bit, we were blessed with an acoustic version of Happy, which made me sob like a little baby, and Blue!

Of course I wish that concert would not have come to and end, especially as Diamandis told us we may not see her again for a while. Nevertheless, I can surely affirm that this became my all time favourite concert… I mean she even overtook Bon Jovi!

What are your thoughts on Marina And The Diamonds?


Mowgli’s Road
I Am Not a Robot
Oh No!
Bubblegum Bitch
Teen Idle
How to Be a Heartbreaker
Can’t Pin Me Down
I’m a Ruin



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