Why ‘Speak Now’ is Taylor Swift’s Best Album

Speak Now

Being a massive Taylor Swift fan, I know her music by heart. All of it. Even the unreleased tracks. So when I say ‘Speak Now‘ is her best album, I have my reasons, and most Swifties agree with this.

Speak Now is Taylor’s third studio album released in October 2010, by Big Machine Records. The album is a masterpiece wrote entirely by Swift, at the age of 20. Pretty impressive, rigth? Now, one of the reasons why I love Speak Now so much is that it’s so heterogeneous. Not a single song sounds like the previous one! The themes are almost all individual and go from the happy/bad times of a relationship, to family, haters and friends. Nevertheless, it managed to capture what for a very long time has been the essence of Taylor Swift: the ever cheerleader for fairytale love. As I said, she wrote each and every single song without any co-writers and did an incredible job! Although some of Red’s and 1989’s songs have amazing lyrics, Speak Now has easily the absolute best written songs she’s ever produced!



I perfectly remember the day it came out and listening to it for the first time on a rainy Tuesday. I loved every bit from the very beginning! -That can’t be said for Red, though…- “Mine” is an absolute gem. From the song to the video, the way she portrays herself into the future is exactly the way we all do. The love song on the album are easy to relate to and beyond touching! A toxic relationship, guilt, heartbreak and fantasies are described as only Taylor is able to! Personally, I believe “Dear John” is the best song she’s ever written, and “Last Kiss” comes right after. I mean, “You can plan for a change in the weather and time/ But I never planned on you changing your mind”! Right in the feels, Taylor! “Speak Now” is magical! Each song is an open letter and as if those weren’t enough, Taylor added an incredible prologue to introduce the album.

Spak Now Prologue
Spak Now Prologue


Words can break someone into a million pieces, but they can also put them back together.” is the lesson that Swift learned and shared through Speak Now! Words to cry to, dance to, and celebrate her wonderful crew (Long Live).

The Speak Now tour was just as magical, if not more! Set as an enchanted forest matched with her sweet looks and soft vocals, each concert was a tale.


Speak Now Tour

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