Dublin and Frank Turner

Dublin and Frank Turner
Chicken Fillet Burger At Pifko

My new found love for short trips took me to Dublin this weekend. Well… that and the Frank Turner gig. Me and my boyfriend spent mostly Saturday discovering the city, or at least trying to since it can be quite big. After we arrived on Friday afternoon we took a very long bus journey from the airport to the city centre as our apartment was quite close to most everything. Stayed in a lovely Airbnb apartment, within a 15 minutes walk from the centre. So after we settled in, we decided to go out for dinner before the gig. We wandered around for a bit just to come back to the pub next to your building. A very wise choice! I had the best burger I’ve ever tasted (and believe when I say I’ve had plenty)! Fresh, tasty, enormous! The staff was very friendly and the atmosphere was just so welcoming. Will definitely check out Pifko again next time I find myself in Dublin.

After the two hours spent at the pub (we were too full to move) we headed to the gig venue: The Academy, a small club, perfect for a warm and friendly concert, Frank Turner style. Again, a cool, friendly, violence-free gig that everyone enjoyed from the beginning to the very end. A professional artist that played a two hour concert with a sore throat, and did it flawlessly. It was my first time seeing Frank live but a big part of the audience had seen him before and the complicity in the audience was palpable. He sang many old songs and some of his last album, Positive Songs For Negative People. Although, I must admit I was quite sad he didn’t play many  of my favourite songs. He redeemed himself with Mittens and The Way I Tend To Be, though.

cinnamon&apple and vanilla muffins with coffee
Keoghs Cafe

Saturday morning started off pretty well as Ben and I walked to the Keoghs Café on Trinity Street to have a lovely, filling breakfast. Probably the best muffin I’ve ever eaten and an amazing pastry accompanied by a cappuccino, of course. The place was small but capacious enough and well decorated – the Queen playing on the radio played a big part in me enjoying my meal as well-. With our tummies full (as usual), we walked to the Trinity College, but first we accidentally found Temple Bar because we got a bit lost (damn you Google Maps compass arrow!). We got to Trinity College at last and found it lovely and cold. It’s strange to think that people actually study and live there, from a tourist’s point of view. The Old Library, besides, was amazing. The artwork of the ground floor is tasteful and interesting, but the main piece is, of course, the Long Room on first floor which is basically a fairytale library. The book aisles aren’t accessible so visitors can look at them from a safe distance but it doesn’t make the room any less impressive. One of my favourite parts of it were probably the famous busts that went from ancient Greek writers and philosophers to  20th century doctors. Old books and astonishing architecture: all this girl needs!

A very happy me with the bust of Homerus
A very happy me with the bust of Homerus
The Old Library
The Old Library

After a long, horrifying chat about the future, we decided to go to the National Gallery. I must admit that was quite disappointing! A large, beautiful building that hosted a very small and not homogeneous enough collection of works of art. I love art galleries and the fact that a city like Dublin has such a disheartening one put me down a bit. The wonderful Caravaggio and Rembrant helped keeping it up, but that still was not enough.

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Later on, being close to Ulysses Rare Books, we decided to pay it a visit. That bookshop contains first editions of James Joyce, Yeats, Oscar Wilde and many more. A real piece of jewellery and, as so, quite expensive! After another books paradise we casually found our way to the shopping area, filled with delightful crepes smell and tempting attractions like the Disney Store in which I couldn’t contain my joy even if I had wanted to. But why would I? It was the middle of the day and we hadn’t had lunch yet (weird, right?) but I had spotted a little place that made loaded fries, because why not? So as we were heading back to Dame Street, guess who noticed her favourite shoe brand in a window? The problem is that when I find Miista shoes on sale all my self control goes right out the window. Sorry not sorry. A wise T-shirt once said “Life is short. Get the shoes!“. Happy and hungry, we finally got to Abrakebabra (brilliant name) to have some amazing loaded fries with beef and taco sauce. 

Loaded fries
Credit: Abrakebabra site

Happy with our meal, we made our way back to the shopping area and got myself the most expensive crepe of my life (6.40€). Oh, did I forget to mention that Dublin is one of the most expensive cities I’ve ever been to (nothing beats Monte Carlo)? Silly me! The strawberry and banana in it were worth it, though. Ben got a disgusting mint flavoured gelato. The only disgusting part of it being the mint, of course. By that time we were both considerably tired and decided to chill in a pub so we found Bruxelles and had a lovely seat for an hour and were about to fall asleep. Somehow, we managed not to. After a nice break we thought we should have a nice walk around the centre and came across Temple Bar, a very lovely and lively area with restaurants, shops and fun people. It was the end of the and I was basically sleepwalking, which is why we started looking for a place for dinner on our walk home. Fortunately, we Ben noticed a cute, little Italian restaurant on Liffey Street Lower, called Il Fornaio and we stopped there. Knowing my Italian food, and being very critical of it, I can safely affirm that I hadn’t had such good meat since I’ve last been to Italy. The Bruschetta wasn’t amazing but the pecorino cheese we’ve been served left both of us in awe! Not to mention the tasty, strong wine we’ve been wisely recommended! We finally headed back home tired but happy! 

All in all I’ve had a lovely time in Dublin and enjoyed seeing it’s crazy, nice people.

Have you been to Dublin? If so, what was your favourite thing about it?



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